Fun Playdate Ideas to Amuse the Tweens
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Fun Playdate Ideas to Amuse the Tweens

How to entertain children and 'tween with some activities that they will enjoy. A playdate can be great fun for your toddlers and 'tweens!

Amuse and Entertain the Kids With Games, Prizes!

Children between Toddler and Teenagers, a.k.a. "tweens," like to be entertained with games and activities. Be it babysitting or sleepover activities and with Easter coming up, here is a prime opportunity to set-up a playdate activity with neighborhood children.

Scavenger Hunt

A visit to any 'Dollar Store' outlet can provide dozens of little knick-knack toys, paper notebooks, prizes and objet trouvé to source your scavenger hunt.

Terra Cotta Warbling Bird Whistle

(image source)

Be it a bag of little plastic toy soldiers, small rubber balls and warbling bird whistles (inexpensive plastic ones sold in sacks of a dozen or so.)

Small disposable flashlights or a sack of marine sea shells make for larger prizes. There are '5-packs' of finger-lights that separately make for coveted prizes. These are jellybean-sized mini-flashlights with an elastic band, wearable on the child's finger like a ring. All of these are collectible treasures for toddlers and 'tweens!

Cleverly concealed around the home perhaps with a small candy treat placed with, these are a delight to find. A small bucket for each child can be given at the commencement to place their found objects.

For the smaller children whom might not be as proficient as 'tweens in locating the hidden prizes, they can have a guided session. Verbal clues given ("this prize likes music" or the "colder/warmer" proximity cues can be a clue to search 'near the radio' or 'near the Music CD collection', etc.)

Easter Theme Scavenger Hunt

For an Easter Theme scavenger hunt, colorful plastic eggs filled with jellybeans makes a fun items to search for. Some eggs can contain candy, a small baggie of shiny coins, etc. Other eggs could contain folded hand-drawn maps leading to other, more cleverly hidden candy-filled eggs.

This type of scavenger hunt was a favorite in our household. To keep it fair, the 'Captain' (the supervising parent) holds the master list of where and what is hidden and can direct individual children each in turn to ensure that everyone gets a equal share of the concealed booty.

Cookie Decorating and Kids

An all-time favorite: the parent bakes oversize sugar cookies in advance and with the help of the children, makes several bowls of brightly colored frosting. Each child can frost and decorate their own cookies. Again with the 'dollar store' items, a few inexpensive plastic sandwich boxes can be bought and used for the child to take home some of their decorated cookies for their family.

Award Medallions for Playdate Participation!

Dollar and discount stores have bags of inexpensive plastic "WINNER" medallions on colorful ribbons that can be awarded to every child at the end of the playdate. A bag of these typically cost around $5.00 and contain several dozen plastic medallions on colorful ribbon necklaces. Every child deserves to have fun. A fun and amusing playdate with these and other entertainment ideas are sure to instill the idea that they are all winners!

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